Disc Golf Guide: Top 5 Beginner Tips

Throw Putters

Have you ever tried to throw a disc only to see it go immediately to the right? I’ve got good news, it might be the discs fault! A common mistake that most new players make is to start with a driver. A driver is very hard to control and is meant to be thrown very fast. Most players cannot control a driver when they first start playing and get very frustrated. But, I’ve got good news, a putter is the easiest disc to throw when learning to play disc golf. They fly the straightest and will help you learn the correct way to throw the disc.  Contrary to what you might think, the putter can also be thrown FAR!!

One of the best ways to learn to throw a disc is to head to a field and practice throwing it over and over so you can learn how to throw it straight. Once you have mastered the putter, you can move up to a mid-range disc.

Some great beginner putters are the DX Aviar and the XT Bullfrog. To start off, buy lower weights and when you're ready, move heavier.

Throw Pink DX Aviar

Don't Get Discouraged

The top professional players make it look effortless when they throw a 400-foot drive or smash a 50-foot putt. But looks can be deceiving! Perfecting your game takes a long time and tons of practice so don’t get discouraged when you make mistakes.

Simply challenge yourself based on the progress that you want to make today. For example, if you typically score a 7 on a hole, but today you scored a 6-CONGRATULATIONS-THAT’S PROGRESS!!!

Have Fun!

Always remember, the best part of disc golf is not the number of putts you make, or how far you throw your drive. The best part of disc golf is being outside in the sunshine, getting exercise, exploring new places, laughing, smiling, hanging with friends, and meeting new people!! Someone may throw farther than you, but you can always have the most fun!

Drive for Show, Putt for Dough!

A lot of people think that throwing far is the most important skill in disc golf. Getting distance on your drive can certainly help your game, but it doesn’t really help you with your score. The only way to minimize your “score” in disc golf is to stick the putter in the basket. Therefore, the most important skill to learn is putting. To become an effective putter, follow 3 basic principles.

  1. Stay balanced on your feet with a comfortable stance.
  2. Point your feet, hips, shoulders, and chest towards the basket.
  3. Extend your arm and “shake hands” with the basket when letting the disc go.

Keep Score of Your Round - Occasionally

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know if you are getting better at disc golf. You are putting in the practice time but don’t really feel that you are improving. A great way to check your progress is to score your round and then score it again at a later time to see if you are decreasing the number of strokes on the course. Don’t worry about par or what other people are getting. Only worry about the total number of strokes you threw versus the time before. Over time, you will see your total score start to improve, which is GREAT progress!

Pro Tips

Occasionally, check out our events page for women's disc golf clinics and events happening in your area. 

Also, look on Facebook for a Ladies Disc Golf League in your area! 

Here are a few:

Rock Hill Women's Disc Golf

Atlanta Women's Disc Golf

Women's Peace of Disc Golf (Bremerton, Washington)

Andrea is a Professional Disc Golfer and Physical Education Teacher who has taught individual disc golf lessons and group clinics for 2 years. Her 1st disc golf tournament was a Throw Pink event in 2017. She became a Professional Disc Golfer in 2018. Learn more about her here.

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